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Learn to Code with Fantasy Football

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"The book here was
really, really well done
Bill Connelly, ESPN
"This is amazingly awesome. I’ve recently slowly crept into data science driven by a pet passion for fantasy sport analytics. ...I’m roughly 40 pages into this book and
the way the learning is framed here is 10x what you’ll get someplace else.
"Incredible work! Bought it right away. Only 3 chapters in and
this book is already better than expected
. Worth every penny. Thank you!"
"...probably the
best / most complete Pandas walk through I've seen
Bill S
"I’ve probably
picked up more, and at a better pace
, using this than a lot of the free online tools I’d been trying the past few months. "
Ryan P
"Love the book, bought it a before last season of the nfl.
My python has come a very long way thanks to you.
"...it helped me tremendously ...
I wouldn't be where I'm at with the Python language today without this book to kick start things.
really helpful and a fun way to learn
Brian D
"I can't tell you how many times I've tried to get into programming and gave up because it was so dry.
This has been such a nice change of pace and I'm loving it
Paval M
"Just picked up LTCWFF last week and I am really enjoying it so far. This is
exactly what I needed to finally get past tutorial hell and apply Python to something I love
Philip D
"I’m like ~40 pages in and the simple intro to python chapter is much more engaging for me personally because it’s info I’m interested in. I’ve taken automate the boring stuff, python for finance, etc and while those courses are great..
I seem to be understanding it better because its about a subject I like
"I was amazed by how you
broke down complicated concepts and made them easier to understand
Ryan C
"I have always wanted to learn a language but always seemed to get discouraged by the 'Hello World' chapters that were never ending. I like that your book cuts out the riff raff and teaches the important things!
I'm flying through the book and feel like I'm learning a ton!
Best wishes from a satisfied customer"
Jason K
"I recently purchased LTCWFF and
could not be more satisfied with the content
. ...it has been great to work through your in-depth examples learning new skills. I had a previous interest in this sort of analysis and have had intermediate programming experience, but never could tie the two together."
Owen B
"...your book is great. It's
exactly what I needed to motivate me to push through
Matt O
"...the book is
very well structured and easy to follow
... I found it very helpful!"
Xiaolu Z
"I purchased this the other day and thus far it's been great refreshers for basic Python...
I appreciate the Anki cards
... they're helping cement the terminology and such."
very informative and good intro to coding
. Additionally, [Nate] would answer any questions I emailed him within 24 hours. Excellent customer service and pushed new editions to everyone who had already paid. I really appreciate [Nate]’s commitment to his product."
"I just bought your book and have to say
I enjoy it immensely so far.
Tim Y