Learn to Code with Fantasy Football

Python. Pandas. Web Scraping. Databases. SQL. Machine Learning. APIs.

All applied to Fantasy Football.

Learn Python & Data Science Fundamentals with Fantasy Football

Learning to code isn't hard, there's just a learning curve. That's why the most important thing is starting with a project you're excited about.

This book will take you from playing around with stats in Excel to scraping websites, building databases and running your own machine learning models.


β€œThis book was really, really well done.”

Bill Connelly

Learn How to Do Your Own Football Analysis in Python

You'll learn β€” step by step and applied to fantasy fooball β€” how to program your own analysis. You'll also learn how to make plots like these πŸ‘‡:

scoring densityairyads vs yacqbs by weekpoints by position and week

☝️ with 2 lines of code!

β€œAmazingly awesome... the way the learning is framed here is 10x what you'll get someplace else.”


What People Are Saying

"The book here was really, really well done..."

β€” Bill Connelly, ESPN

"This is amazingly awesome. I’ve recently slowly crept into data science driven by a pet passion for fantasy sport analytics. ...the way the learning is framed here is 10x what you’ll get someplace else."

β€” u/Nick58

"...probably the best / most complete Pandas walk through I've seen."

β€” Bill S

"I really loved your book. You did an amazing job on it. ... I've been trying to get my son more into programming, and your book has been perfect... really clicked for him."

β€” John M

"...really helpful and a fun way to learn."

β€” Brian D

"...picked up more, and at a better pace, using this than a lot of the free online tools I’d been trying the past few months.

β€” Ryan P

"Love the book... My python has come a very long way thanks to you."

β€” u/TomatoHead7

"I have always wanted to learn a language but always seemed to get discouraged by the 'Hello World' chapters that were never ending. I like that your book cuts out the riff raff and teaches the important things! I'm flying through the book and feel like I'm learning a ton! Best wishes from a satisfied customer"

β€” Jason K

"...much more engaging for me personally because it’s info I’m interested in. I’ve taken automate the boring stuff, python for finance, etc and while those courses are great.. I seem to be understanding it better because its about a subject I like."

β€” u/financenstuff

"I was amazed by how you broke down complicated concepts and made them easier to understand."

β€” Ryan C

β€œI was amazed by how you broke down complicated concepts and made them easier to understand.”


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Includes book, datasets, example scripts, end of chapter problems with full solutions, and flashcards.

  • The 270 page book in PDF format + files

  • 300+ spaced repetition flash cards

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The book, files and flashcards, plus the 2021 developer kit. Includes API and Fantasy Math web access for the 2021 season.

  • The 270 page book in PDF format + files

  • 300+ spaced repetition flash cards

  • Four step-by-step project guides + final code

  • 2021 Fantasy Math Simulation API Access

  • 2021 Fantasy Math Web Access

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β€œI've taken automate the boring stuff, python for finance, etc and while those course are great... I seem to be understanding it better because its about a subject I like.”


2021 Fantasy Football Developer Kit

A project based guide to help you get better at Python and fantasy football. Analyze your team using state of the art tools that you build.

What We'll Make


2021 Projects

Automatic Team & League Import - NEW

We'll write code to pull down player and matchup info from your ESPN, Yahoo, Fleaflicker or Sleeper leagues, learning more about real life APIs, authentication and more along the way.

After that, we'll connect this project to the league analyzer and who do I start calculator projects below for instant analysis.

Who Do I Start Calculator

We'll build a tool that takes in you and your opponents lineup, a list of guys you're thinking about starting and returns the probability of winning with each one.

Access to the 2021 API means you'll be able to use it to help your team this year. And the same, best-in-class simulations Fantasy Math uses means you'll be able to take into account variance and real life correlations among players to start the guy who maximizes your probability of winning.

League Analyzer

We'll build a league analysis tool to get get projections, betting lines, over-under and probability each team gets the high or low. Whether you share the results with your league or keep the intel to yourself is up to you.

Best Ball Projector

Enter in different best ball lineups and get back projected scores, utilization percentages and more. Traditionally, projecting best ball lineups has been difficult/impossible to do with any real accuracy, but working with simulated point projections makes it easy. Plus we'll learn a lot in in the process.

β€œI wouldn't be where I'm at with the Python language today without this to book to kick start things.”


What will you learn?

Python β€” This flexible language is the foundation of everything from data munging to web scraping to machine learning. You'll also learn about its key data library Pandas, the modeling and machine learning libraries statsmodels and scikit-learn, and how to do data visualizations with seaborn.

Web Scraping and APIs β€” Next time you run across a site with data you'd like to analyze you'll know how to grab data via its public API if it's available, or build a web scraper to get it yourself if it's not.

Machine Learning and Statistics β€” You'll learn the difference between a regression and a random forest, and will know when and how to build both.

Databases and SQL β€” Build your own database β€” whether it's for player statistics, to keep track of opponent tenancies, etc β€” and use SQL to get data in and out of it.

All in the context of fantasy football and designed so you can learn how to apply them to your own questions and do your own analysis.

About the author


Hi! My name is Nate and I'm a self-taught programmer and data scientist based in Milwaukee, WI.

A few years ago, I didn't know anything about Python, SQL, machine learning, web scraping or any of the other topics covered here.

So, I taught myself. It took a few years and I ran into a lot of dead ends along the way, but ultimately I figured it out. In this book, I distill everything I've learned to provide a step-by-step guide to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

scoring density

More of What People Are Saying

"I can't tell you how many times I've tried to get into programming and gave up because it was so dry. This has been such a nice change of pace and I'm loving it."

β€” Paval M

"I just bought your book and have to say I enjoy it immensely so far."

β€” Tim Y

"...exactly what I needed to finally get past tutorial hell and apply Python to something I love."

β€” Philip D

"it's been great refreshers for basic Python... I appreciate the Anki cards ... they're helping cement the terminology..."

β€” u/michaelmanieri

"...it helped me tremendously ... I wouldn't be where I'm at with the Python language today without this book to kick start things."

β€” u/F1rstxLas7

"...very engaging so far compared to some of the other online resources I've tried to pick this up with."

β€” Tim M

"...could not be more satisfied with the content. ...it has been great to work through your in-depth examples learning new skills. I had a previous interest in this sort of analysis and have had intermediate programming experience, but never could tie the two together."

β€” Owen B

"Incredible work! Bought it right away. Only 3 chapters in and this book is already better than expected. Worth every penny. Thank you!"

β€” u/TheMotizzle

"...recently bought Learn to Code with Baseball and am thoroughly enjoying it and learning some new things along the way..."

β€” Lennart R

"...the book is very well structured and easy to follow... I found it very helpful!"

β€” Xiaolu Z

"...your book is great. It's exactly what I needed to motivate me to push through..."

β€” Matt O

"...very informative and good intro to coding. Additionally, [Nate] would answer any questions I emailed him within 24 hours. Excellent customer service and pushed new editions to everyone who had already paid. I really appreciate [Nate]’s commitment to his product."

β€” u/ledsdeadbaby

"I spent a few minutes going through the charting examples... I really REALLY enjoyed it."

β€” Lukas R

"I've been fascinated by sports and statistics from a young age... throughout my college career... no professor was able to get me excited about a subject matter like the first 20 pages of [LTCWFF]..."

β€” Daniel O